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Unrivalled Experience

11ten is the world’s leading education marketing and student recruitment consultancy. We have offices in the US and UK, together with a network of partners offering education marketing services ranging from Direct Response Advertising to Internet Marketing in over 40 countries around the globe.

For more than 20 years we have specialized in the education sector, advising many of the world’s leading schools on their education marketing and student recruitment strategies.

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Understanding the Market

With 11ten, there is no learning curve. From the moment we start working on your marketing campaigns, you will benefit from our intimate knowledge of the global education marketplace. You will find we are equally at home promoting your brand through PPC and CPL Campaigns,  Press Campaigns, TV Advertising and Radio Advertising in countries such as China, South America, Europe, India, Middle East or the Caribbean.

We understand each market, its pressure points and its opportunities. Drawing on a wealth of knowledge and know-how, we understand the nuances of your home market and pressures you are facing.

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Return on Investment

We appreciate the budget restraints you encounter, the effect that no-show students can have on your revenues and your need to see an impressive return on your education marketing investment.

We can help you achieve remarkable returns through services like Media Buying which can save you between 5% and 25% alone, increasing the quantity and quality of your domestic or international student intake and increasing the number of accredited students who turn up to start their courses.

We can also heighten your profile as an education institution – on a country or global scale.

We will create the right marketing mix to make the biggest impact, so that you gain the best return on your investment.

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We don’t limit ourselves to traditional education marketing services such as advertising, PR and direct mail campaigns. We are global innovators in digital media, helping our clients harness the power of the internet to recruit students and build their brands.

We have our own specialist internet marketing team, as well as a dedicated education marketing call center staffed by qualified and accredited careers councilors and admissions staff.

We pride ourselves on combining education marketing expertise, creative solutions and digital know-how to give you a distinct edge in the highly competitive education sector.

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Our Clients

We provide education marketing to both the state and private sectors. Our clients range from Ivy League Schools to Oxford University and the University of St Andrews where Prince William and Princess Catherine were educated, to the University of Phoenix, the world’s biggest higher educational institution.

We also promote countries and cities as learning destinations and we have advised in numerous locations including South Korea and London.

“The awareness of the Study London campaign amongst the target group has doubled in three years while international student numbers to London have risen to 90,000”

-Kevin McCarthy, Director, London Higher

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Our Work

We can cater for all of your creative requirements. Our extensive experience in the education sector means that we know what works and what doesn’t. We know how to grab the attention of potential students and hold it. Whether you need to make an impression through online, print, audio/visual, promotional or branding, we have the skills and knowhow to deliver memorable creative that stands out from the crowd.

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