Education Marketing Services

Bespoke Educational Marketing Campaigns For Individual Clients

We are a full service education marketing campaign and student recruitment consultancy with a global footprint that straddles traditional and digital media.

We don't produce off-the-shelf education marketing campaigns. Each campaign is as unique as the university or college we are serving and is carefully designed to deliver the results you require within the budget you have set.

Our goal is not to create award-winning campaigns. While we are happy to accept the accolades when they come along, our focus is on producing remarkable returns on your marketing investment.

Our campaigns are designed to reach the hearts and minds of your target audience so that you get the quality and quantity of students you require and benefit from brand enhancement at the same time.

We may be a worldwide educational marketing and recruitment consultancy, but we think local - not global.  We are always mindful that a campaign which works in the US or the UK will not work in China or India.

We are marketing realists and we like to think of ourselves as commercially creative. So, we will not sell you blockbuster advertising when a Twitter, YouTube or facebook campaign is going to be less costly and more effective.

We are always mindful of what you want to achieve and we tailor our campaigns to produce optimum returns from your investment.

Discover more about each of our services below.

Education Marketing Services - 11tenGroup

Internet Marketing
Reach The World Using The Web

Internet Marketing - 11ten Group

We have been at the forefront on internet marketing for more than a decade, so we can help you harness the power of the net to achieve your recruitment and brand building goals.

Media Buying
We Can Slash Your Media Spend

Media Buying - 11ten Group

Let's keep this simple - we will plan your campaign and buy the media for free. What's more, we will almost certainly slash your existing spend, saving you between 5% and a staggering 25%.


Direct Response
Let Us Direct Your Response Campaign

We can advise you on everything from basic campaigns to sophisticated direct response initiatives embracing multiple channels.

Creative Impact
We Can Help You Make An Impact

Our campaigns stand out from the crowd. They are not pedestrian, dull or boring and they will never look similar to the ads run by other universities.

TV & Radio Advertising
Broadcast Your Message To The World

In recent years, we have been pioneering web broadcasting, helping clients to establish internet TV and web radio stations and drive video campaigns.


Unbeatable Print And Distribution Deals

We design and produce literature in all shapes and sizes and we reckon that we offer unbeatable prices for printing and distribution to any country in the world.

International Fairs
Make An Exhibition Of Yourself

The most effective form of marketing will always be face-to-face communication. Connect with your target audience and their influencers in the education sector.

Public Relations
We Can Help You Hit The Headlines

With close to 100 consultants, we have the biggest educational PR team in the world and we are here to help you make the headlines.


Student Recruitment
We Reach Students Around The Globe

We appreciate the many challenges, academic and commercial, facing higher education and further education institutions.

Employee Communications
We Can Inspire And Motivate

We focus first on getting under the skin of an institution so that we understand the challenges, barriers and opportunities.

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Feel free to email us or contact us on US 1-800 400 3831 or UK 0800 612 9890

To discover how we can make a real difference to your education marketing and student recruitment please feel free to contact us directly: