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People management is probably the No1 headache for university principals around the world.

Assembling the right team and keeping them focused and motivated can be a management nightmare.

On the other hand, it can be a dream task – especially if you have the 11ten team providing internal communications support.

We have been operating in the university sector for more than two decades and we’re on hand to help you win the hearts and minds of your people and inspire them to ever greater achievement.

We understand the educational sector – the negatives and the positives. We know the issues you face – staff retention, escalating rewards packages, budgetary constraints and team-building issues. As one principal said: “It’s like attempting to build a mountain with a barrel of eels.”

At 11ten, we’re pretty good at building mountains. In other words, we’re red hot at communications and staff motivation.

We could talk at length of all the leading edge strategies we have put in place for clients around the world, suffice to say we realized long ago that communications is a two way process and the most effective strategies start and continue by listening to what your people think.

The 11ten employee communications team has an uncanny knack of looking at situations with a fresh pair of eyes. So we focus first on getting under the skin of an institution so that we understand the challenges, barriers and opportunities.

That allows us to determine the interventions which will be necessary to inform, educate and motivate your team so they buy into your vision of where the university is going.

The best universities put their people first. With the right staff in a motivated frame of mind, it’s much easier to get to where you want to be.

11ten can help you get there.

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