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The world is digital and your student audience is probably the most web-literate in the world.

Our sister company, 11tenDIGITAL has been at the forefront of internet marketing for more than a decade, so we can help you harness the power of the net to achieve your recruitment and brand building goals.

Students no longer rely on the traditional media - newspapers, radio, TV and magazines - for their news, information and entertainment.

All they need is the internet and they don't even require a PC or laptop to surf it.

As educational marketing specialists 11tenDIGITAL know which sites your prospective students are visiting. They can tell you what's hot and what's not and they can ensure you spend your budget wisely.

11tenDIGITAL devise and deliver sophisticated internet marketing campaigns that embrace:

  • Web design and development that attracts prospective students and builds your brand
  • Optimization to get your site to the top of the search engines
  • Pay per click campaigns that will drive student recruitment
  • Affiliate marketing campaigns that work around the globe
  • Multiple websites for multiple markets
  • Social Media marketing campaigns embracing the hottest sites including Twitter, facebook, YouTube, bebo, myspace and Linkedin
  • Blogs that have credibility and get read
  • Web advertising that catches the eye
  • Email marketing that keeps you front-of-mind
  • Viral marketing that recipients pass on
  • Internet TV and podcasts that fire the imagination
  • Internet radio that attracts audiences and builds your fame
  • SMS text marketing that reaches students at home or at play

If you need help and advice regarding website services or internet marketing campaigns visit 11tenDIGITAL.

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