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Pedestrian. Dull. Boring.

Three words that best describe many educational marketing campaigns.

Inspiring. Eye-catching. Impactful.

Three words used by universities and colleges to describe our campaigns.

We would add a fourth - commercial.

Our campaigns stand out from the crowd. They are not pedestrian, dull or boring and they will never look similar to the ads run by other universities.

We understand that educational institutions are not all the same and neither are their students or staff. Our campaigns reflect the personality of the universities and colleges we work for.

If you want to put clear blue water between you and your competition - speak to us today.

We understand brands and how to develop them. We have extensive experience of rebranding colleges and universities around the globe. We handle the entire package from the development of the logo through to full delivery embracing literature, stationery, campus signage, advertising, on- and off-line marketing and even stadium branding.

If you want a new look to impact the marketplace, get in touch with us today.

College Advertising Campaigns - 11tenGroup

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