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We Can Slash Your Media Spend

Media Buying - 11ten Group

Let's keep this simple - we will plan your media buying campaign and buy the media for free.

What's more, we will almost certainly slash your existing spend, saving you between 5% and a staggering 25%.


Three reasons:

  1. We receive our commission from the media, so we see no need to charge you
  2. We negotiate aggressively and pay the media upfront
  3. We specialize in educational marketing campaigns and student recruitment so we are able to "bulk buy" from salespeople who know us and our reputation for frugality

Not only will we save you money, we will also save you time. Best of all, you will never have to talk to a media salesperson ever again.

So take the pain out of media buying and speak to us today.

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Feel free to email us or contact us on US 1-800 400 3831 or UK 0800 612 9890

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