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Does anyone really understand the complexities of student recruitment?

We do. And we exist to make your job easier.

We appreciate the many challenges, academic and commercial, facing higher education and further education institutions.

We understand better than most how international and domestic markets are increasingly and inextricably linked – and how much of an additional workload this places on student recruitment teams.

We know how vital it is to communicate the right message to the right target audience at the right price in an ever more complex and competitive environment.

We are also aware of the growing need to see a speedy and sustainable return on your investment, both in terms of enquires applications and enrolments not to mention the quality of your student intake.

We partner with education providers around the world to tackle these challenges and produce tangible and cost effective results.

As a full service marketing and student recruitment agency, we combine marketing, media, creative and technical expertise to achieve the outcomes you require. With more than 20 years’ experience of student recruitment, we understand the territory inside-out.

Innovative solutions. Not just the biggest creative impact but the brightest media ideas, the latest market intelligence and technological know-how.

In-country solutions. We can advise on which events you should attend. Who are the most effective in-country recruitment representatives and we can produce your collateral in-country saving money and increasing efficiency and conversions.

Effective solutions. We are experts at tracking and analyzing response, using the results to adjust tactics and so enhance recruitment performance. We have our own professional contact center – 11tenDIRECT – that specializes in converting initial enquiries into successful enrolments. 

Working closely with you in domestic and international markets, 11tenDIRECT acts as a first point of contact for all student email, telephone or web enquiries. We pride ourselves in generating interest in your programs as well as the university, creating a trusting relationship from the start. 

Where other organizations employ conventional call center staff who work purely from a script, 11tenDIRECT is staffed by fully trained and qualified career advisors. We are accredited in the UK for the quality of the advice we give, and our team is highly experienced in conducting discussions with potential students that lead to valuable conversions.

We operate around the globe – China, India, Middle East, North America, Asia, the Caribbean and Europe. We’re here to help - so call us today  

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