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Leading The World In International Student Recruitment & Educational Marketing

11ten is the world's leading education marketing and student recruitment consultancy.

We have focused on educational marketing for more than 20 years representing many of the world's best-rated universities and colleges.

We work with Ivy League Schools, for-profits  including the University of Phoenix and Kaplan University, ancient seats of learning like Oxford and St Andrews, Asia's leading business schools and re-search focused universities like KAUST in Saudi Arabia. We also market education destinations like London. 

Our marketing and student recruitment campaigns straddle the internet and the traditional media.

 We lead the way when it comes to web marketing, helping universities around the globe harness the power of the web to build their brand and recruit students.

We are equally at home with the traditional media - newspapers, magazines, TV, radio, cinema and billboards.

When it comes to building brands and recruiting students, we rule nothing out, sometimes opting for off-beat options such as rickshaw advertising if it is going to deliver the best results.

With 11ten you get a team brimming with knowledge of the education sector and dedicated to making your education marketing and student recruitment campaign an outstanding success.

We also have a specialist education call center staffed by trained and qualified councilors and admissions specialists.

Other brands in the 11ten family include Beattie Communications and Only Marketing and Communications.


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Peter Cunningham, CEO of 11ten, reviews the visit of President Obama and the First Lady to schools in UK on the BBC

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